Old House Specialists, LLC., specializes in repairs to the windows and doors of old homes and buildings that have stood the test of oldhousestrippingtime.  Rather than throw away the historic quality of craftsmanship that has lasted throughout many decades, OHS is in the business of revitalizing these building elements.


Potential projects are evaluated first, to fully understand the work that needs to be done and the materials needed to complete the job in a safe and effective manner.


The crew is trained in the most efficient methods to complete the job (stripping, sanding, priming, glazing, operation of lift machines, etc.), and also in OSHA and EPA RRP safety procedures and protocols.


A finished Old House Specialists project reveals the original beauty of windows built many years ago from carefully selected old-growth lumber, which was precisely milled and expertly crafted.  These windows were built to last and have lasted; OHS refurbishes the windows to ensure that they hold strong for more decades to come, outlasting any new replacements.


Modern vinyl windows are a quick fix. However, they lack the same durability and will often need to be replaced after 15 to 20 years.  With appropriate weather stripping and possibly a storm window added, the energy efficiency ratings of OHS revitalized windows are comparable to any modern replacement options, and will still be there after those replacements have gone to the landfill.