Old House Specialists, LLC., started in 1998 when Hilda Dent turned her lifelong love of living in old houses and her hobby of renovating and restoring historic homes into an independent contracting business. 



Dent’s love for vintage structures dates back to her childhood. In the fifth grade she learned to hammer and nail and visualize structural elements needed to create spaces by building tree houses.  When she was 23 she bought her first old home, an 1888 Victorian cottage in Cottage Hill, Montgomery's first historic district, becoming an urban pioneer. She later renovated a 1910 Queen Anne house, a project that she worked on for 22 years.


The same passion that Dent puts into her own personal renovation projects is manifested in Old House Specialists, LLC. 


Old House Specialists, LLC., works extensively on the refurbishing of weathered windows and doors that would otherwise be replaced with modern disposable vinyl windows, and in result sending old growth wood to our landfills and initiating an unending replacement cycle.


OHS has worked with numerous individual clients, the Doctor-Up division of WK Upchurch Construction Co., Inc., and on several historic homes and buildings, including the 172 year old Sadler Plantation in McCalla, AL, the Dexter Avenue United Methodist Church Parish Hall which was built in 1946, and 115-year-old windows of a downtown warehouse at 101 Tallapoosa St., a part of the Alleyway Project, a revitalization effort in downtown Montgomery.  In 2010, OHS completed an energy efficiency upgrade to all 225 windows in City Hall for the City of Montgomery.

82 Commerce face


Old House Specialists, LLC., worked again for the City of Montgomery in 2011, this time on a 19th century facade renovation at the key intersection of Commerce and Bibb Streets.  The Bibb Street side of the building still has its 30 original 1888 double hung arch-topped sashes.  These 120 year old windows were restored and re-hung.