Welcome to Old House Specialists, LLC., Online!

Since 1998, Old House Specialists, LLC., has worked to preserve the time-honored craftsmanship found in historic architecture through extensive restoration projects in and around Montgomery, Alabama, and beyond.


What We Do

OHS is in the business of the restoration and preservation of historic homes and buildings.  We specialize in repairs, prep and painting, especially on windows and doors, and in architectural stripping.  A lot of times the windows of historic or older buildings and homes are replaced with modern vinyl windows.  These replacement windows are a quick fix, but they are not as durable as the original windows and will often need to be replaced after a few years.  An OHS revitalized window is just as effective, and will last much longer than any modern replacement.



Old House Specialists, LLC., is currently renovating the facade and windows of a late 19th century building in the heart of downtown Montgomery on 82 Commerce Street. The facade of this building was purchased by the City of Montgomery, and, the City is funding these improvements to provide an impetus for future private development in the vicinity.